Sentinel Plus

Superior's Sentinel Plus

Superior's Sentinel Plus range of generator sets are designed specifically as standby power for the light industrial, commercial and high end residential markets where reliability and automatic operation are extremely important. These low maintenance highly reliable machines are prepackaged with the basic features necessary for operation in these applications. The basic generator set consists of a heavy duty industrial diesel or gas engine-running at a quiet, reliable, 1800 RPM-coupled to an industrial four pole generator which has a precise electronic voltage regulator and excellent motor starting capabilities.

The Sentinel Plus package also includes a very attractive non-corrosive fiberglass weather protective enclosure, which allows the set to be mounted outdoors on a concrete pad for simple installation.

All features necessary for operation including-
• Control Panel with meter, safety shut downs and gauges
• Engine starting battery, automatic battery charger, fully installed exhaust system, including internally mounted critical grade silencer isolators for smooth and quiet operation, and a built in large capacity fuel tank on diesel units.


Control Panel

The Sentinel Plus control panel is the brain of the system. It is designed to start the system when a signal is received from the Superior Automatic Transfer Switch that a power failure has occurred, and then shut it down after the power is restored. The controller continues to monitor the system for unsafe conditions such as failure to start, low engine oil pressure, high engine coolant temperature and engine overspeed; if any of these conditions occur, the controller shuts down the system and illuminates a condition light to warn you of the problem.

The control panel also contains precision meters to allow you to monitor the output of the generator set. These meters allow you to monitor the voltage, current (AMPS) and frequency (HERTZ) output and a selector switch is included to monitor each phase.

The engine operating conditions are also displayed with gauges for engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, battery charging alternator output and total running time.

The entire controller is contained within a heavy-duty metal cabinet with a hinged front for easy serviceability. Below the control section is a bay for connection of the output leads and the optional output line circuit breaker.

Fiberglass Enclosure

The Superior Sentinel Generator is supplied with a fiberglass enclosure to simplify the installation of the system outdoors. Fiberglass is a premium material compared to sheet metal enclosures offering many advantages over steel such as corrosion resistance, excellent sound deadening properties, and good weather protective capabilities. These enclosures are constructed (very much in the same way as a fiberglass boat would be) using a female mold and hand lay-up fiberglass techniques. The exterior surface is UV-resistant, gelcoat finished in a light tan color which is designed to provide a long lasting, low maintenance appearance. Ducts are designed to prevent water from entering the enclosure as well as providing the necessary optional feature of the design of the ducts is that they do provide additional sound attenuation capability.

Superior Sentrans Automatic Transfer Switch

Superior Sentrans Automatic Transfer Switches are specifically designed to operate with Superior Systems. They are inherently double throw devices which isolate your generator from the electric power company lines when the generator is supplying building power. The installation of a transfer switch is required in an automatic standby power installation. With a Sentrans switch, three seconds after the power goes down the generator is automatically started and the load is transferred. After the power returns the load is transferred back but the generator stays running to allow it to cool down for approximately five minutes as well as to take over the load if the power the next time the power goes out. The Sentrans system also contains an automatic exerciser to automatically start up the system once a week to verify it is functioning correctly.

Optional Fuel Tank - Diesel units

The fuel tank is constructed of heavy gauge steel which also forms the base of the unit. Optionally available is a double wall construction method which will contain the fuel if the primary tank should leak. This may be required to meet local fuel storage ordinances.

A fuel transfer system is optionally available to allow fuel to be drawn from an in ground main storage tank and thus refill the generator's tank. The system can be setup to so this automatically and allow for extended running times if necessary.


Sentinel Plus Diagram


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